Rock n’ Roll Gallery

Commercial center with 450 stores, largely dedicated to the universe of rock music. They sell CD and vynil records, posters, band t-shirts, decoration items, keychains, shoes, jewelry, skateboards and surfboards, among many other products.

The gallery, officially named Great Galleries Commercial Center, also offers a variety of services. You can find tattoo and body piercing shops, pin-botton makers, t-shirt and banner printers, and also get an afro hairdo or get an eye-doctor consultation.

Despite its consolidation as a rock fan’s ghetto, the gallery also hosts shops aimed at other tribes such as heavy metal, rap, hip hop, funk, MPB (Brazilian Music), blues, jazz, punk…

The building dates from 1963, and its project with wavy forms is signed by architect Alfredo Mathias, who drew inspiration from Oscar Niemeyer’s work.


  • Address Rua 24 de Maio, 62, Centro (República subway station, lines 3 and 4 ).
  • Hours From monday to friday, 9AM to 8PM; saturday, 9AM to 5PM.
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