Aclimação Park

Aclimação Park is very popular for walking and jogging activities. It has exercise equipment, a lake, playgrounds, picnic area, soccer fields and fields for other sports.

The jogging track is 1 km long, has signs and is very safe, since in this park it is not permitted to use skates or bicycle. (Although there seems to be a tolerance for children.)

The park was opended in the early twentieth century for breeding cattle, and it used to have a popular zoo.

The vegetation includes mulberry, brazilian grape tree, “sibipiruna” (Caesalpinia peltophoroides Benth), “pau-brasil” (Caesalpinia echinata Lam.) and “pinheiro-do-paraná” (Araucaria angustifolia). It has also an extensive eucalypt.

Dozens of species of birds live in the park, such as southern lapwing, ovenbird and Rufous-bellied Thrush. In the lake there are geese, ducks and swans, and various migrating birds.

Amid its tree-lined streets, the visitor finds three sculptures created by Arcangelo Ianelli: Dança branca (White dancing) Retorno (Return) and Forma corrompida (Corrupted form).


  • Address Rua Muniz de Souza, 1.119, Aclimação.
  • Hours Daily, from 6 a.m to 10 p.m.
  • Phone number (11) 3208-4042
  • Site oficial

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