The story of São Paulo on a fun tour

Saturday morning I went out for a downtown walking tour with the group São Paulo Antiga. Despite the cold weather, the group of 33 people was very excited and interested in the explanations of the guide Cacau (Katia Nicolav) and the historian Paulo Rezzutti. The theme was “The old São Paulo of Marquesa de Santos”.

We left Praça do Patriarca and walked through the center, covering the places that were part of the history of Domitilla de Castro Canto e Melo. Occasionally, a quick stop to hear the stories told by Paul or Cacau with humor and excitement.

On the way, we discovered that we knew almost nothing about the famous Pedro I’s lover. Then we learned about her connection with the students of the Faculdade de Direito do Largo São Francisco, her devotion to the Ordem Terceira, her important role in São Paulo society, the crisis that led her husband Felicio to stab her, the 14 children she generated … And always with the backdrop of the nineteenth century described by the guides and illustrated with old photos of the city.

In the middle of the morning we stopped in Santa Tereza traditional bakery for a coffee and use of toilets. Before proceeding, books raffle!

Shortly before 12 o’clock we arrived at the palace where Domitila lived from 1834 to 1867, at Roberto Simonsen Street, beautifully restored and full of documents and historical objects.

The tour is a new option for tourism in São Paulo. It has just begun and has already a waiting line for the next tour. There are two other routes: “In the days of the coffee barons” and “The story of São Paulo in the Cemetery of Consolation.” A great program!


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